We Provide various web solutions as per the needs and requirement of our customer. Some of the services are as follows:

Web Design and Development

We design and develop static and dynamic websites for Corporate customers, Professionals, Organizations and Individuals.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We register the required domain name for a website and also provide suitable web hosting services on our high-end servers.

Web Marketing and SEO

We create banners, graphic designs, advertisements etc. for various web promotional activities.

CMS Development

We develop dynamic websites with a Content Management System, Administrative support and Reporting tools using PHP/MySQL environment on open source platform.

Flash Development

We develop flash based websites and also CMS for dynamic flash based websites using Action Scripting.

E-commerce Stores

We develop e-commerce solutions for online stores, online consultancies and enable the sites to accept online payment by integrating them with payment gateways.

Web Maintenance

We maintain static and dynamic websites by updating them on regular basis, updating change in information, addition of new products and services, updating news and articles, financial results or other data etc.

e-Newsletter System

We create and integrate a newsletter module for various websites which enables the website owners to create HTML rich newsletters, articles, advertisements, emailers etc. and send it to their subscribers.